5 Reasons Why People Like LASIK

LASIK is a recognized name all over the world now.  It is a particular type of eye surgery.  It is typically done to cure myopia or nearsightedness.  LASIK is the abbreviation of a laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.  In this operation the shape of the cornea gets changed permanently.  It takes about ten to fifteen minute per eye to perform and usually it does not cause pain to the patient.

As advantages go we can say LASIK can cure the various types of myopia entirely and it can also cure hyperopia or farsightedness and astigmatism.  As the whole procedure is computer guided it is very accurate and efficient.  In more of the cases one surgery is enough to cure the problem but in some cases though another surgery may be needed and that surgery can take place quite a long time after the initial one.

Unfortunately aside from the many benefits of corrective vision surgery, the high cost puts it out of range for many people.  It applies especially to those who have no type of insurance coverage to help pay for some of the expense.  Even for those who do have optical insurance many will find they have limited coverage.

Many insurance policies exclude this type of laser eye surgery altogether because they consider it to be optional and not necessary since in most cases the vision can be improved with some corrective lenses.

Others look forward to never having to deal with the fuss of changing and cleaning contact lenses. Still others are motivated by vanity and don’t want anyone to know that they had a vision problem that needed correction.

However many people have sufficient resources and motivation that are not at all put off by the cost of eye surgery. Some people value the convenience of never having to wear glasses again.

If your eye sight’s getting weak or you’ve been wearing glasses or contact lenses for some time, you’ve probably thought about LASIK eye surgery.  Maybe you’ve been put by the idea that it’s risky or expensive but fact is, it needn’t be either and the benefits are enormous.

Five great reasons why people like LASIK

  • Improved Vision: Whether you are long or short sighted, LASIK can enhance your vision.  However, you should be aware that if you suffer from existing eye disease such as retinal disease you will not regain 20/20 vision.  A vast majority of patients will see 20/40 after the LASIK eye procedure which is enough to pass a driving test.
  • Sense of Freedom: Then there is the wonderful sense of freedom that comes from not having to wear glasses or contact every day. If you are tired of waking up to a blur every day and groping around for specs you may be interested in LASIK.  Also, LASIK prevents the steam and fog up of rain or the dreaded loss of glasses.
  • Aesthetics: People tend to believe that you look way cooler without glasses than with them. So, maybe glasses work for Woody Allen but we are not celebrities.  So some people look good in specs but ditching them is the better deal for most of us.
  • Expand Life Options:  Regaining good vision allows you to expand your life option.  Perhaps you love swimming but do not fancy thrashing myopically around in the water without your glasses.  And wearing contact lenses in a public pool can lead to eye infection.  After LASIK you can partake in any extreme sport you want such as scuba diving, parachute jumping, or you can just stay home and read a book about it.
  • Practically Pain Free: Lasik surgery is a swift, painless procedure with almost instant result.  The actual operation takes less than five minutes and you should be able to see well the next day.

If you have been thinking of having LASIK now is the time to take action.  It is fast, safe, and gives almost instant results.  Both near sighted, far sighted people and people with astigmatism can all benefit from LASIK eye surgery.  To achieve a certainty in operation one must choose a reputable surgeon with experience, a solid reputation, availability, and familiarity with new technology.

Before, during and after the surgery one should expect to receive a thorough eye check up, proper care, a bit of itching, irritation and possible blurry vision and teary eyes.  If any problem should occur it is necessary to immediately contact the eye doctor.

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